Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Guest Post From One Our Partners In Health: Laurie Escott

Welcome 2014!! I am excited to be part of the New Year, New You Challenge for 2014 with Optimal Health Chiropractic.
My name is Laurie Escott and I am the owner of Total Health Solutions, a local company in the Snoqualmie Valley. I am here to help you find solutions and inspire you to create a healthier you!

So… just where do we start and how do we take that first step? Finding a workable solution that will fit our health and wellness needs takes patience and most of all understanding. I honestly believe the more we know about something, the easier it is to accept it and then ultimately change it. Total Health Solutions is about exploring possibilities and then creating a healthier you using simple and sensible idea and techniques.

The idea I’m thinking about today is about “Creating Balance”. How can we find balance and then... how can we keep it? OK, so we all know that the balance of life seems to bounce around like a moving target, ever changing and shifting. How do we manage this moving target anyway? I’d like to suggest some tips for you to try this week as you challenge yourself to find a new you, in this New Year.

The first rule of thumb is to remember “Creating Balance” is about progress, not perfection. It takes time to slow down the moving target. It’s about understanding the body, mind and spirit connection.

Take a moment now and try these simple tips.

Body tip - Drink more water, more often.
Question? What is your favorite way to drink water? It may be in a glass, a water bottle with a pop top or maybe a straw. Maybe you like your water to be room temp or freezing cold. One of the first things I ask my clients to discover is about the love/hate relationship they have with their water container. I know it may seem silly but just think about it for a while, try some different styles, drink your water at diffident temps and find the one you really really like. The results will impress you; you will drink more water with ease. In turn your body will be able to work better for you.

Mind tip – Breathe in and slow down your thoughts.
Questions? What does your breath feel like? Is it cool or warm? Does it stop at your chest or flow down into your belly? Connect to your breath by a wearing a simple wristband. Every time you see the band, take a breath in and examine it. Get in touch with your breath. This will help to reduce stress and train your brain to not get caught up in endless mind chatter. The moving target of balance will begin to shift and level out as you explore the breath.

Spirit tip – Check in with your heart today.
Question? Can you feel the beat? Practice quieting yourself enough so you can actually hear your heart beat. It’s a pretty cool experience! Now open your ears and just listen quietly. You might even ask a question to the heart such as… What changes are best for me this year and then wait and listen for the answer. Note: Have a pen and paper handy and be ready because you never know what the message might be!

If you have any questions or need any help just give a call to Total Health Solutions at 206.713.1181
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Cheers and here’s to a Happy New You!

Laurie Escott
Personal Consultant in Health and Wellness

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